On April 3, 2012, it was reported that an estimated ten to 12 tornadoes touched land during a storm causing wide spread damage. Both Arlington and Lancaster, Texas declared disaster zones after the tornadoes hit. Tractor trailers were flipped, roofs were ripped off, and over 300 buildings were severely damaged.

An estimated 12,000 individuals are left without electricity in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Shelter was provided for those who were advised not to stay in their homes. According to officials there have been no reported deaths, however, dozens of injuries have resulted from the tornadoes.

The severe weather has greatly affected travel within the area. It has been reported that over a hundred flights arriving and departing from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field were canceled Wednesday. Not only was travel delayed because of the storm warning, but because of the immense damage that occurred to over one hundred aircrafts due to hail.

Disaster and emergency teams will continue working and assessing the damage that has been caused, and restoration will begin shortly.

We urge travelers affected by these events to follow directions of local authorities and move to areas of safety. Travel Insured offers all of our customers immediate access to our 24/7 Assistance Services. We advise our customers to change/adjust their travel schedules as best they can. Please continue to monitor the reports from local authorities, check with your travel supplier and with us at Travel Insured.