You may have heard about two different ways of discussing protection for traveling – travel insurance and travel assistance services. You may have been lead to believe that these are the same, but they are in fact two separate types of travel protection coverage. The difference between the two is that travel assistance services provide 24/7 immediate support in case an emergency occurs during a trip, and travel insurance provides reimbursement for specific losses that occurred during the trip, once the trip is over. They both provide help when you need it most, and both are important! Here’s a look at how each help to protect your vacation investments.

Travel Assistance: Travel assistance services are provided by a secondary emergency assistance company rather than the travel insurance company. Travel assistance services provide 24/7 help with disruptions including medical evacuation, medically necessary repatriation, medical or legal referrals, inoculation information, hospital admission guarantee, translation service, lost baggage retrieval, passport/visa information, emergency cash advances, bail bond, prescription drug/eyeglass replacement, ID theft resolution service, concierge service, and political evacuation. Travel assistance services are provided with the purchase of specific travel insurance policies. Whatever you may experience along the way, assistance services are available to you right away!

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance coverage is purchased to reimburse any expenses lost during the trip. Travel insurance can provide coverage from interruptions such as travel delays, cancellations, lost or stolen baggage, accidents, medical evacuation or repatriation, medical emergencies, renter’s collision, accidental death and dismemberment and more. While travel assistance services and travel insurance are two different types of protection, they are both extremely important because no matter how hard we try to make travel plans go as smoothly as possible, there is always a chance for accidents and emergencies to occur along the way!

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