Travel Insured recently rolled out comprehensive changes to the Claim Status pages.  These enhancements have greatly increased the level of detail available online for a customer interested in knowing more about the status of their claim. Making it easier for you!

What’s the Deal?

The Claim Status page is composed of three sections:

1. Claim Status.  Shows the present status of the review and provides a historical timeline of the claim.

2.  Documents Received. Lists the dates that we received submissions from the customer.

3. Requested Documents. Lists all the claim forms and requests for additional information that we have sent to the customer.

What’s Available on the Claim Status Pages?

Customers can…

  •        Track the status and view a detailed timeline of the claim (Claim Status). Each time the claim reaches a new stage in the review process, the Online Status page will be updated in real time to reflect the progress.  The customer will be able to view a complete history of our review of their claim as it moves from a status of “Claim Created” to “Claim Payment Made”

o   To ensure clarity, each review code will be accompanied by an explanation of what the code means.

  •      Check to see if we received their claim submission (Documents Received).  When we have received a claim submission and that submission has been sent to a Claim Analyst for review, the “Documents Received” section of the Claim Status Page will populate in real time with date we received their paperwork.
  •       View a history of the documents we’ve requested from them and how we requested it from them i.e. mail or email (Requested Documents).  Any claim forms we send or requests for additional information we make will be reflected under the “Requested Documents” section of the Claim Status page.  All claim forms requested will be available in a downloadable .PDF format.  So if the customer needs another copy, they can acquire one without having to call us.  Similarly, any additional information we request will be listed under this section.

Where Do I Find This?

The Claim Status page is accessible through the Customer Profile or by visiting the appropriate of the link below.

What are the Benefits?

  •         Convenience.  You can access your profile or the Claim Status page from your tablet or mobile device.
  •          Expediency.  You can quickly confirm that we received your submission, or paid your claim without having to make a phone call.
  •        Self Service.  Need another copy of your claim form? It’s available for download right there on your profile.