We wanted to provide you with some helpful tips that are important for every traveler to take before and during a trip abroad in order to have the safest and most enjoyable time possible. While some tips may seem like common sense, it is easy to take on an extremely laid back attitude while traveling and forget some of the most important ways to keep yourself and your traveling partners safe while in a foreign country.

Before You Travel

  • Stay up to date on the security status of the country which you plan on visiting. It is always better to be forewarned and prepared for any risks that you could possibly come in contact too while you are there. It will allow you to take action more easily to ensure your safety.
  • Always keep a list of important emergency contact phone numbers with you everywhere you go. Also be sure to know how to make an international call from the area which you are staying in.
  • Be sure to make copies of your personal identification including your license and passport. Also your trip itinerary, transportation tickets, and emergency contact information.
  • Purchase a travel insurance policy that you feel provides you with coverage you are comfortable traveling with.

During Your Trip

  • Avoid walking and traveling alone if you can, especially at night. Make sure to only use well known public transportations systems.
  • When you are sightseeing, carry only the amount of cash you will need for one day. Keep the rest of your money and credit cards in your room.
  • Get to know the hotel staff so in case anything goes wrong, they will remember you and you will be able to recognize them as well. Also be sure to give your family and friends your hotel room number so they can contact you
  • Do not display your wealth showing any expensive things you might have on you such as a phone, laptop, mp3 player, or expensive jewelry.
  • In case you are in fact robbed, keep a small amount of traveler’s checks, make sure you can access your bank account, or you have someone you can contact that can send you money.
  • In order to avoid violating any local laws, make sure to deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money or purchase anything.

Please let us know any other tips on how to stay safe while traveling abroad