For most women, pregnancy is the most enjoyable time in their lives. So why should it prevent you from traveling? By following these tips, you can make traveling while pregnant enjoyable for yourself (and baby!)

For the most part, you should be free to travel for most of your first and second trimester. But always remember to check with your doctor prior to making any plans.

Check with Airlines, Cruise lines, Tour Operators, etc. prior to booking if they have specific restrictions for pregnant women.

Always travel with someone (other than baby)! -Traveling with a partner can help keep stress levels down in the event of delays, emergencies, etc.

Carry extra beverages and snacks. -While most airlines provide you with an in flight snack, we all know that bite size bag of pretzels won’t hold you and baby over for very long.

Remember to Stay Comfortable. -Pregnancy brings enough swelling as it is. Be sure to wear comfortable supportive maternity clothing, request an aisle set if available, and remember to get up and stretch every 30-45 minutes if allowable.

Remember your Appointments. We all know the endless appointments and tests that are completed during pregnancy.  While most are flexible with regards to scheduling, if you are going to be away for a period of time, you may run into some problems.

Check your insurance -Not only your travel insurance, but your primary health insurance. Some plans may not cover you for expenses incurred while traveling, out of network, etc.

Don’t Forget Your Medications and Medical Records. -Obtaining specific prenatal medications may be tricky in foreign countries without proper medical documentation.

Remember to not over exert yourself and have fun before baby comes!