Trip Cancellation and Interruption are some of the most annoying and upsetting things to have to deal with when you have planned a trip. Sometimes situations occur that you never see coming such as breaking a bone, finding yourself suddenly without a job or even a terrorist attack taking place. You can’t plan for everything, and there are times when you are forced to cancel or even interrupt the middle of your planned trip.

Trip cancellation travel protection is designed to help reimburse prepaid nonrefundable trip costs when you are forced to cancel your trip. It applies after you purchase your policy but before departure. Trip Interruption is similar but instead helps to covers costs after departure. The same reasons are covered for both Trip Cancellation and Trip interruption.

Many cancellation policies cover cancellation due to sickness and injury, death of primary insured or immediate family members, bad weather, travel provider going out of business, etc. Some plans also allow you to include the cancel for any reason benefit so that you can cancel for an unlisted reason.

Covered Costs for Trip/Flight Cancellation

  • prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs
  • cancellation penalties
  • your prepaid trip costs if your travel companion cancels for a covered reason
  • higher per-person trip costs for you if your travel companion cancels for a covered reason

Covered Costs for Trip Interruption

Travel Insured’s four Worldwide Trip Protector plans includes the Trip/Flight Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage described above, as well as Travel Medical Insurance and Medical Evacuation and Baggage Delay, Loss, Theft, and Damage. The covered reasons for cancellation/interruption vary based upon the plan purchased. You can also view our complete Plan Comparison Charts and Benefit Explanations at

Next time you are planning a trip, get prepared in case you run into any cancellations or interruptions so you can be sure to help get back nonrefundable costs!