If you’ve ever traveled for work, or travel frequently for it, then you know that it can be tiring. Commuting on a regular day is tiring, but add in a plane, train, or ferry and boy oh boy. But traveling, no matter what kind, has an element of excitement that makes the travel part worth it all. Sometimes it takes a bit more strategic planning to enjoy every destination you travel to exciting, but the opportunity is always there.

When you travel for work, take the time to step back and create a plan that will allow you to meet the expectations of your employer and still enjoy the world around you. This way of traveling is known as “blesiure” and it literally and figuratively combines business and leisure in an approach to create a better work life balance.

Much of making blesiure work, has to do with your itinerary and the flexibility that you have in your schedule at your destination. No business trip is exactly the same as any other. Work with your schedule to create the best experience for yourself each time you leave home.

It is a good idea to ask your employer questions concerning the business trip and to speak up if there is an accommodation that you prefer. Although it is not always possible to meet your requests, asking is a great place to start. Who knows; if you don’t ask you might be missing out? Let’s talk about a few easy tips that will help you transform your next business trip into the best mini vacation you’ve ever gone on.

Dine for the Experience

Although there may be business meetings over lunch or dinner, it is common to have free time during mealtimes when traveling for work. If you find yourself in this position, take advantage of it. Before traveling, look into some restaurants or dining experiences that you might want to try out. Forget about a quick bite or room service. These dining experiences could become the perfect way for you to decompress and wind down from a day full of working in a foreign city.

Get Outside

It can be really easy to jump from cab to cab and meeting to meeting when you travel for business. But, if the weather is on your side, we recommend getting outside as much as possible. If you’re able to walk to your meetings try leaving a few minutes early from your hotel to walk those 5 blocks. Look for activities to do in your downtime. Check out local outdoor experiences in the area to find things that interest you.

Plan Meetings at Fun Locations

Sometimes you don’t have much say in the itinerary for our business trips, but if you do, plan around your destination when possible. There may be opportunities to take your meetings to places that you never thought of before. Whether you end up in a boardroom, park, or beachside restaurant, let the location be the star.

Stay an Extra Day

To really bring your mini vacation to “vacation status” you can plan to tack on an extra day at the beginning or end of your trip. This will really allow you to take advantage of all that the location has to offer. By having more free time you’ll obviously be able to fit more in. On the flip side, it might also allow you to take things at a slightly slower pace. For some of us a slower more relaxed pace is what makes vacation, vacation. Instead of running around nonstop in the three hours after your last meeting you can focus more on one or two activities and save others for your extra day.

Ask for a Room with a View

Often times asking for a room with a view can make a big difference in your business trip. Going to sleep and waking up to a great view can help you to relax and decompress from your work while you’re away. This is especially true in places that have recognizable buildings and monuments, as well as great scenery or foliage. Let’s face it, we’d rather wake up looking at the Sydney Opera House than a parking lot and some industrial buildings. If you end up not having a lot of free time or find yourself stuck in the hotel for most of your business trip, this could be just the remedy to help you enjoy your trip.

Wake up Early/Go to Sleep Late

Now, this is definitely easier said than done, BUT if you can accomplish it, it might give you just enough extra free time for an additional dining experience or activity. It is important to keep your routine as normal as possible when traveling, especially across time zones. However, adding an hour or two to the beginning or end of your day may be feasible depending on your location and business schedule.

Travel Protected

Traveling, whether for fun or for business, is unpredictable at times and the unexpected can happen. Be sure to ask your employer if travel protection is provided for the trip, or if you can add your own. Being prepared in case of lost or stolen baggage, missed connections, and more can help you travel more confidently. Visit our website today to learn more about how travel protection can help you.


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