Checked Luggage

When packing for a trip, no matter the location or duration, it is important to always remember a few tips and tricks to make your life easier as well as your personal items safer. Never pack valuable items such as electronics, jewelry, cash, or laptops in the baggage that you will be checking in. There is a greater chance that your checked luggage can be lost or stolen, so don’t risk it. Yes it’s sometimes a challenge, but try not to over pack. Over packing will make it harder for airport security to inspect your bag if necessary. It is better to spread your belonging into a couple bags rather than cramming everything into one. Always make sure to check for weight limitations and fees before deciding on what to bring, and how many bags to pack.

One of the most common errors people make when packing for a trip is placing any camera film you may want to use in your baggage. Any film that is stored in your luggage will be damaged by the screening equipment, so always remember to keep it in your carry-on baggage otherwise all of the pictures you capture will be ruined. Always attach an identification card on your luggage that includes your name, address, and phone number to ensure it can find its way back to you if lost. It is also helpful to tie bright colored ribbons on your bags to help you locate them as fast as possible. Always remember to try and stray away from purchasing expensive, luxury brand luggage in order to lessen the chances of your belongings being stolen.

Carry –On Luggage

When traveling on an airline, you are allowed one carry-on bag as well as one small personal item such as a small bag, purse, laptop case, or camera case. All carry-on items will always be checked by TSA prior to your flight. It is helpful to place personal belongings in separate plastic bags so that there is less of a chance that security will be handling them.  Also, before passing security checkpoints, it is important to find out what size carry-on baggage your specific air carrier allows because these can differentiate between airlines. Make sure to pack the bare essentials and anything important you feel you made need incase your checked luggage is delayed.

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