Most of us look forward to the time that we get to explore the world outside of our hometowns. Sometimes though, there are circumstances that prevent you from being able to venture further than your normal commute. Why should that mean that you need to miss out on seeing new places and learning about new cultures? Luckily, in the 21st century, we don’t have to sit idly waiting for our next adventure. That’s where virtual reality comes into play. Check out some great vacations that you can experience right from the comfort of your own couch.

How do I do it?

There are many ways to start your virtual reality travel escapade. Not only are there great collections of websites online that will help you transport your mind somewhere far away, but there are also great apps available as well. You’ll have to choose how you want your experience to take place in order to know where you should begin looking for VR experiences. Are you ok with experiencing your virtual vacation through just your computer screen? Or do you prefer to be as immersed in the experience as possible, getting as close to the real thing as you can?

If you want the most realistic virtual travel experience out there, you might want to invest in some virtual reality equipment. Glasses or goggles can be purchased and range in price. Not only does the price range vary, but the usability can vary based on the software you plan on using. Certain equipment may be made for Mac vs PC, so make sure you do research before spending money..

Where should I virtually visit?

Next choose the type of virtual reality vacation you’ll want to go on. Are you looking for something educational? There might be a great museum tour you can take virtually that will save you from standing in line for hours to get in and see. Maybe you want to sight see, or view new landscapes? There are many different types of virtual reality outlets to sift through. Spend some time creating a list of places you’d like to visit virtually, just like you would for an actual trip. When surfing the web if you run by something you’re interested in, bookmark it. Then when you’re happy with your list you can pick which ones you want to do first and the order you want to do them in.

Once you know when and how you will experience your virtual vacation, get prepared. Eliminate any distractions that might interrupt your virtual travel time, especially the ones you wouldn’t have if you were actually traveling. Collect a few location specific food items to sip or snack on during your virtual experience. If you’ll be virtually experiencing the Cliffs of Moher maybe have a Guinness or two in your fridge. If you’re planning to see the Spanish countryside prepare a few tapas to nibble on while you’re immersed in the experience.


It’s debatable whether or not virtually seeing the world is as good, or even better than actually doing it. But there are many advantages that this type of experience can bring. Not only is it safe, but it’s also educational and comfortable. It has the ability to help those of us who may not be physically or financially able to travel to see the world away from our hometown.

Be sure to look into these options if you want to supplement a trip or two a year. When you are ready to travel again, talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to see how travel protection can enhance your next get away.


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