If the Grand Canyon National Park was a novel, it would be considered epic. It’s layers of red rock hold millions of years of geological history.  It is easy for visitors to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the park. Views from the lookout points showcase a wide expanse of towering rocks carved out by the Colorado River. One mile deep and eighteen miles wide, this great chasm in Arizona would be an unforgettable thing to experience. Here’s why you should add a trip there to your bucket list.

More than Just a View

The canyon is made up of a million acres of wild landscape. You can find cool fir forests, hot dry desert, and a variety of plants. Eagles soar above the cliffs and antelopes can be seen foraging for food along the canyon floor. Many people may not know that the canyon is home to waterfalls and springs. A stop at the visitor center can provide you with maps to their locations. Most people limit their experience of the park to the plateaus to look way into the distance. However, there are adventurers that descend into the canyon. There are less crowds the further down you go. Sheer stone walls stack to the sky and the vistas multiply with every turn. The thrumming Colorado River carves a deep gorge through the rocks. It is the most astonishing site. You can also find turquoise streams that rush out of the red cliffs.

The North Rim is hard to get to and is wild and secluded. It has a wide promenade known as the Rim Trail, which snakes along the perimeter. You can take in ever-changing scenery with every step. The South Rim of the canyon is the most popular choice for visitors because it has spectacular views, as well as visitor services and hotels. The East rim is the area along the Colorado River. This is the most difficult area to access, but it has smaller crowds and close-up views of the canyon. Be very careful there. Many of the viewing areas don’t feature safety guardrails. On the West rim, you will find a skywalk, ziplining, helicopter tours, and boating down the Colorado River.

Things to Do

There are many things to do at the Grand Canyon, including hiking, biking, camping, and boating. Each activity can be done either on your own or in tours. For day hikers, both the South and North rims offer trails that have amazing views of the inner canyon. You don’t need a permit to hike the trails. On the South Rim, cyclists can enjoy thirteen miles of roads and bike trails. They allow for more intimate explorations along the rim. If you get tired, you can load your bike on one of the park’s bicycle-friendly shuttle buses. There is a stop every mile along the thirteen-mile stretch. Campgrounds are located on the North and South rims. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance. Make them as soon as you can because the campgrounds book up quickly. For boaters, single-day and multiple-day river excursions are available. There are whitewater rafting tours available as well. The park is open year-round, however, the summer months are the hottest in the park. Temperatures can reach into the triple digits. If you want to avoid the heat, it’s recommended that you visit the other nine months. Lodging is available within the park and the Grand Canyon Village, which is within walking distance of the park. It’s recommended that you make reservations far in advance as lodges can fill pretty quickly.


These are just some of the reasons why the Grand Canyon is an amazing place to visit. It’s mountainous walls and never-ending vistas will take your breath away. For more information about the park or to plan a trip, visit the National Park Service. Adding travel protection to your plans can help secure your trip. Benefits like trip cancellation, emergency medical evacuation, and rental car coverage can be very helpful. These benefits and more may offer reimbursements for losses you may incur on your trip. Take some time and compare protection plans today. Happy travels!

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