Watch Out for Airline Ticket Scams

With the internet, e-mail, and social media sites as prevalent as they are today, it is important you use them to your advantage, yet stay aware of the dangers that can also be associated with them. Some of the most common types of internet scams revolve around the travel industry.

One of the most commonly found types of internet scams is free airline ticket offers. Scammers attempt to fool individuals into thinking they can be lucky enough to score free tickets from big name airline companies. Whether through an advertisement on a social media site, or an e-mail that gets through your blocker, the scam usually seems to appear as a legitimate source, yet then links you to a third party site. The sites which you are linked to will ask for personal information, including you credit card number and address. Once spammers get your information, it can be placed in the hands of anyone and provide you with some serious trouble.

In order to protect yourself, always be skeptical about internet deals. While airline companies will have special promotions and discounts from time to time, always do your research. Be sure to visit the companies verified website because the deals will always be posted rather than just sent to your email account. If you want to take it a step further, find the contact information of the company and call the customer service department to verify that everything is safe and your purchase is legitimate. Remember, airline tickets are more than likely never going to be given away for free. Take the precautions every time and you won’t become one of the victims of these scammers!

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