There are many ways to spend your money on vacation. Determining where to lay down your cash has to do with your preferences. Do you prefer a pricey hotel over low to mid-range accommodations? Do you want to fly on the cheap so you can spend more on your excursions? Maybe you’d like to buy groceries and cook for yourself instead of eating out every night. You’ll want to decide ahead of time what parts of your trip deserve a little more investment than others. We compiled a list of things you might not want to skimp on during your next adventure, regardless of your preferences. They may make the difference between a good vacation and one you’d like to forget!


Luggage may be an after-thought for you. As long as your things get to their destination, who cares if the luggage is quality or not. Your luggage is a very important component of your trip. So much can go wrong as it is. Wouldn’t you want the vessel that carries your valuables and clothing to hold up under the strain of travel? Just getting through the airport may be a struggle. After traveling on a series of conveyor belts, checked bags end up on a cart with many other bags on the way to the plane. Your bag could be at the very bottom of the pile and possibly crushed under the weight. If your luggage isn’t sturdy enough, they can unzip, spilling all your valuables on the tarmac. Let’s not forget the friendly baggage handlers that love to hurl bags into the belly of a plane. We suggest purchasing quality luggage that will endure. It may have been a while since you last shopped for luggage. Research different brands to get an idea of what’s available. Quality does not necessarily mean expensive. Look for buyer reviews and ask friends and family what they like to use.

Cool Experiences

If you want to be a little more active on vacation, invest in cool excursions and activities that are bound to create memories. If that means shuffling around funds to make that happen, then so be it! You could go white water rafting in Colorado, cave diving in Puerto Rico, or horseback riding in the outback of Australia. If you do choose to take part in an activity, be sure you know what you’re paying for. Don’t be afraid to ask your tour operator or travel advisor tons of questions about what to expect. You don’t have to choose the most expensive activity to have a good time. However, you will want to choose things you wouldn’t do at home. You’ll be away for a relatively short time, so make the most of it!


This one goes without saying. Wherever you go, you’ll want to make sure your plans are safe. Consider picking a hotel in a central location that makes it easy to come and go. Don’t skimp on transportation to get around town. Paying for a taxi to travel at night as opposed to walking may be the safest bet for you. Choose excursions with reputable companies that have excellent reputations for safety. You want to focus on having fun and not on whether you’ll get hurt. It’s easy to go for the cheapest flights, however, you’ll want to pick an airline with a good safety record. All of these suggestions may mean coughing up a little more dough on your trip, but it’ll be worth it.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is meant to protect your trip from the unexpected. You have no idea what mishaps may occur on or before your trip. You could be delayed for hours at the airport. You could get injured in a place with no hospitals nearby. A devastating hurricane could sweep through your destination and make it uninhabitable. Depending on your vacation, you may need a more comprehensive insurance plan. However, if you only consider the price of a plan and not what it covers, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Purchasing a plan that adequately covers your trip could help you avoid holding the bill for expenses you didn’t plan for. If you’re going on a road trip, purchasing optional rental car coverage may be what your trip needs. Your airline may be notorious for having delays. Buying a plan with suitable travel delay coverage may be in your best interest. Consider what your trip plans may be and choose a protection plan that fits. Travel Insured offers multiple plans with a variety of benefits that could suit any trip. Benefits like Cancel for Any Reason, baggage delay, and medical protection can really come in handy when you’re in a bind on vacation. Take some time to compare our plans today.


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