Traveling is something many of us look forward to all year long. When booking a cruise there are a few things you’ll want to consider when beginning the planning stages. We’ve laid out some areas you’ll want to focus on when completing this task; check them out!

Deciding Where-

Cruising is a unique experience, so picking an area may be a little more difficult than choosing your average travel destination. There are a few things to keep in mind when embarking on this task.

First, you could work with a travel advisor. Working with them is a great idea when booking a cruise. Even if you’re used to booking holidays on your own, advisors are a great resource to take advantage of. They will be able to give you insight on specific cruise lines, deals and more.

You should be on the look out leading up to your booking for sales and deals. Often times cruise lines will advertise their deals and sales not only on their sites, but also other popular booking websites. Additionally, you can sign up to receive information and offers through email on most of those same sites.

The other thing that you should consider when choosing where you want to cruise is the time of year and season you’ll be traveling in. This can affect the weather you’ll be experiencing and the conditions of the waters you’ll be facing.  Both of these factors will impact your vacation greatly and are worth taking some time to research.

After all that, you’ll want to look into the ports your cruise will be stopping at. Although there are a lot of cruises in any given area of the world, the stops and itineraries for them may vary greatly.  Make sure you spend some time looking through these schedules to find one you’ll enjoy.

Picking the Right Room-

Once you’ve decided what cruise line and destination you want, you should start considering what type of room you want and where on the boat you want to be located. Being that this is a large boat, there is the opportunity for rough seas, and certain areas are better or worse in order to not feel the rocking sensation as strongly.

If you don’t get seasick, consider outside cabins with an opportunity for great views and balconies. If you are slightly more worried about becoming seasick you might want to choose a cabin lower in the boat and towards the middle. This area has less rocking than other parts of the boat.

Finally, consider what is located on the floor you will be picking. Although being close to the dining room may entice you, consider the amount of people that may be walking past your door at all hours of the day unaware of their volume. Additionally, picking a room close to entertainment halls has a high probability of reverberating noise from musical instruments or speakers.

Look at the deck plans of the boat you’ll be sailing on and choose wisely.

Pre-Booking Excursions and Drink/Food Packages-

Excursions are a great part of the cruising experience. The ports you’ll be visiting have a lot to offer and you’ll want to explore. By looking into the excursions offered at each stop, you’ll get an idea of what you may want to do with your time in that place. There may even be discounts for booking the excursions you’re interested in ahead of time. Plus, if you decide the cruise line doesn’t offer you anything enticing, you’ll have the opportunity to do your own research and make reservations in that destination on your own.

Although there are certain dining spots and beverages that are included in your booking price, there are also things you can add on. Most cruises have specialty dining opportunities and beverage packages, that include soda and alcohol. Much like the excursions, pre-booking these packages may even save you a couple bucks.

Protect Your Plans-

All of this leaves you with a big financial investment in this trip after booking your cruise and adding on all of these extra indulgences. Just like most vacation planning, we do our best to think of anything that could go wrong and prepare for it in advance. But sometimes things are out of our control. Protect your travel plans with trip protection. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit


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