As we make our way to the half point of 2021 we see a lot changing. One thing that we can see making a change is travel trends. Travel, in the past year, has significantly changed more than once. But, we’re excited to see an up-tick in the intention for travelers to get back out into the world.

There are some prevalent themes that are emerging to help us understand the direction that travel will be going in. Some of these themes include:

Sustainability as a lead driving force on all facets of travel

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that taking a more active role in the sustainability of our planet is always a plus. We’ll see trends in travel moving forward that put this notion at the forefront of our plans. Travel will work on improving our responsible travel habits, prioritizing health, and reducing the carbon footprint that we leave behind.

Small towns will become the focal point for travel

Travelers are looking more and more to visit places with low tourist numbers. We want experiences that we can enjoy without the stress of having large groups of people at every corner. There is also a drive to support local towns and small business owners. Traveling to smaller communities satisfies both of these goals. We can’t wait to see where people will end up!

Quality will outweigh quantity

In the past year, many of us have reevaluated the importance of travel in our life. This realization is changing the way we travel. Instead of looking to get away for long periods of time, travelers are looking to enhance their trips as much as possible even if this means going for a shorter duration.

Travel advisors are valuable resources

In recent years travelers have had more and more opportunities to plan travel on their own. But, as the world navigates travel in the current climate, there are a lot of unknowns. Travel advisors might just be the answer that you’re looking for. They may have insights on requirements or limitations you might face. They’re also knowledgeable on specific locations and can help you to construct a trip that you’re confident about and excited to go on.

What about our travelers…

Travel Insured International took some time to reach out to previous and current customers to see where their travel intentions lay. The survey was sent out at the close of the first quarter and yielded about 10 thousand responses. Questions ranged in subject matter. The overall goal, however, was to understand how our travelers plan to navigate the current travel landscape and how they plan on defining the travel landscape moving forward. Check out some of the highlights from the survey below.

How Do You Plan to Travel?

One of the biggest questions we have moving forward in travel is how people plan on getting to and from their desired destinations. Most people plan on using air travel as their primary means of transportation for travel in the future. Additionally, about a quarter of our participants plan to take a road trip as well as approximately a quarter saying they plan on going on a cruise when they start traveling again. Trains didn’t have as much enthusiasm for upcoming travel trends.

Who Will You Take with You?

It’s always interesting to see the groups of people that travel together. It’s true; the people you travel with have a lot to do with the kind of trip you’ll end up having. While there wasn’t a clear group that won out against the rest, for future travel trends, our top two responses were Family and Significant Other/Partner. Family vacations are a staple in many of our lives. We’re excited to see where these families will be traveling and the types of activities that they do while they’re away in the coming months.

Where Will You Go?

Domestic travel and international travel both have pros and cons. Some people like to stay closer to home, while others long to travel far and wide. As we navigate the current travel landscape, we are interested to see where peoples travel plans will bring them. More than half of our participants said they plan on traveling both domestically and internationally. This is great news; we aren’t holding back when it comes to our travel bucket lists!

When Will You Cruise?

Cruising is an experience all on its own, even in the travel world. Something about gliding along the water on a floating hotel, sparks a sort of magical fondness for sea voyages. When do our travelers plan to get back on the water? Most of our travelers plan on sailing within the next 3 years with approx. 45% saying they hope to take their first cruise in 2021 and 2022.

The information gathered from the survey tells us that travel is coming back. And we can’t wait to see

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that travel will constantly be evolving. This is exciting but may cause travelers some stress. Consider purchasing travel protection for each trip you plan on taking. Visit our website to learn more about how travel protection can help you on your next adventure.



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