why using a travel advisor is the best

Do you use a travel professional when you book travel? If not, you should consider it next time! Travel advsiors are such a great resource for many reasons. You’re almost guaranteed to have a better booking experience when a professional is helping out. Why’s that? Check out the top reasons why using a travel advisor is the best.

Exclusivity and Connections

One of the greatest things about using a travel advisor is their access to things you couldn’t find on your own. When you book a trip yourself on the internet, you’re seeing what everyone else is seeing. But with a travel advisor, they can get you exclusive discounts, special tours or accommodations, and other travel perks.

Support system

A travel advisor is sort of like your own personal assistant for travel. They can help you throughout the entire journey – before, during, and after the trip. If something were to go wrong for the trip, they’re experienced and know exactly how to handle a wide range of situations.

Usually No Fees Associated

A common misconception about travel advisors is that you have to pay a fee to use them. In most cases, this is not true! You usually don’t have to pay to use a travel advisor services. Most get paid on a commission basis from each booking with airlines, hotels, insurance, etc.

Expertise and Advice

Travel advisors are passionate about travel and can be your go-to experts. Some travel agencies are even experts in particular categories too, such as cruises or honeymoons. They know when things like visas and vaccinations are required for specific destinations. They have great advice too, like safety tips, must-see attractions, and what time of year is the best to visit.

They Care

A good travel advisor will always offer you travel protection. They want you to have a good experience and come back for their services again and again. By offering travel protection, they’re caring about your travel investment, health, and overall enjoyment. Make sure to ask your travel advisor about Travel Insured to help protect your travel plans!

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