When planning a trip, one of the first questions people ask themselves is whether or not they should book through a travel agency, or to do it themselves. While it may seem like you can access all the travel information that you need online, you may not be as well off as you think you are. There is a great deal of details you simply could not be aware of if attempting to book an entire trip on your own. Consider these advantages to booking through a travel agent next time you’re planning a getaway.

Save Money

Travel agents offer unbiased travel options for whatever type of trip you are looking to plan. They are aware of the best deals and can give you side to side comparisons of prices. On average, people have been found to spend less on their trips if planned through a travel agency.

More Time and Less Stress

Trying to plan a trip can often be extremely time consuming and stressful when attempting to iron out the details. Going to a travel agent allows you to plan the trip that you would like without that added stress. Agents will coordinate all of your transportation plans, accommodations, and even activity itineraries.

Options for Investing in Your Trip

While many people may think that purchasing travel insurance could be complicated, or that they do not need it, travel agents can help you choose the policy that is best for you and your travel coverage needs. You can be assured that the money and time you spent on your trip will be protected.

Enhance the Trip                                                                                        

Travel Agents often know much more than you could ever find out through researching yourself. They are aware of the best spots to travel to and can often provide advantages such as upgrades, special travel packages or VIP access for transportation or activities.


It is important to realize that all personal information that you share with a travel agent is kept confidential. Travel plans, payment methods, and any travel memberships are securely kept on file for you to reach whenever you need them. This can also make planning trips in the future even easier.